• Robert Lee Barber

Your Goals Are Not Big Enough

If the United States had never set the goal of putting a man on the moon, then we would have never got a rocket off the ground, monkeys in space, a man in orbit, then a crew in orbit and eventually a landing on the moon. This next minute consider your goals. Are they big enough. Are you settling for the smaller goals in hopes they take you to the moon?

Whenever I write these blogs or lay down a course, speak or coach. I almost always say to myself, what would Seth Godin say. If you have never watched or read any of his teachings and thought provoking books. You should. Invest in yourself with his material. There is a book in particular called Linchpin. It is the idea that there are people and events that are the key to next level.

I believe that goes the same for setting goals. Your goals should be “linchpin” goals. Goals that change your life not just move it along. If your goal is to start a company vs start a company with revenue of $100 million in year 3. My church has a goal of reaching 100,000 people for Christ in 10 years. That is planting 10 churches in 10 years. That is move the needle stuff.

I am telling you right now your goals are not big enough because they scare the pants off you. You may be afraid of failing, not reaching it, being judged by others, letting your employees down, self judgement, etc…But what if? What if you reached that goal?

Its time to re-evaluate your goals.

What are your current goals? You better have some.

2. Yes they can be bigger so change them. Level them up. BIGGER.

3. Share these new goals with as many people ass possible. Wrap those bigger goals in accountability. Don’t hide them away to be safe.

Would love to hear your new goals. Please send me your old goals and you new BIGGER goals. This is life change stuff. Remember you get one chance at this life. ONE!

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