• Robert Lee Barber

The Only Person You Are Competing With Is Yourself

In a world filled with more ease to compete with technology. Meaning, that anyone can open a shop, sell services, create products etc… Still the number one competitor you have is yourself. And that is good and bad at the same time. Now how does that make sense?

Lets start with the Bad

So often we can be our own worse enemy. In the past, I have a written and taught on Self Sabotage. It is real. We are so afraid of failing, that we will cause our own failures. But want to take a different direction with this thought process of competing with ourselves. I see many people fail because they spend so much time looking around at their outside competition, which they have no control over, instead of looking inside, which they have total control over. Your mood, your discipline, you desire to push forward, your ability to fail 7 times and get up 8 is all you.

I spent the first part of my entrepreneurial career trying to control everything that I had no control over or influence instead of focusing on what was within my control. Then trying to make myself better than I was the day before in whatever was my focus. I had spent 12 years in a Fortune 100 company working up to an executive position and it was ALL competing with others.

As an entrepreneur, the focus should be on beating yourself. Being better than you were the day before. Others will beat themselves. It always happens. I have seen it time and time again.

Now the Good

You should always be trying to give your job away or put yourself out of business before someone else does. One of the surest ways to success is to work everyday to put yourself out of a job and or your business out of business. Meaning, that tomorrow you and you business will be better than it was the day before and they were to compete on the day prior, your days past business would get their lunch handed to them. That goes for your self. This applies to health, relationships, work, you name it.

Its time to compete.

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