• Robert Lee Barber

Self Sabotage

If you have ever heard me speak or experience a coaching session, this is a cornerstone. The reason is because it is real for me and as I have worked with people in many different settings, this is the real dynamite for not meeting your goals. What surprised me so much about myself and many others is we set these goals then self sabotage to never meet them. This goes back to the “Guard Rails” teaching.

I do not have a definitive statistical study or poll, nor do I think I need one, to tell me the number one reason people don’t reach their success or significance is because of “self sabotage”

So what do I mean by self sabotage? I will speak about myself. I want to loose 15 lbs. Guess what I still have the 15 lbs. Uber Eats just assured me of that. I let the day control me and my calendar, so I don’t have what I need to eat to help and at the same time, I have 3-4 hrs left of work so I order. Self Sabotage. I justify because it is Thai food. It is a mechanism of the mind.

Self Sabotage is the journey of my life. How can I help myself and others work through the self sabotage mechanisms that keep them from their goals. I am not trained in addiction, social therapy, but I know real life. I can every advantage going for me in a situation of my life. But I find ,myself self sabotaging. Why? It is FEAR.

This is a huge realization for me to share. Fear vs Faith. Fear is not like you may imagine that your knees shake. It is a PAUSE in your soul. That keeps you from your BEST. Faith and Fear share the same space in our minds and soul. It comes down to we cannot choose ourselves who has the control. We need something outside ourselves to sway the balance. For me it is my faith in God. When I am in fear and faith balance, I have to go to God. Or else the fear will cause me to self sabotage.

I have had to learn to combat self sabotage. Would love to help you.

Am I perfect. NO. No one is. And If they say they are. Run from them.

The teaching here is

Know you Self Sabotage because of Fear. Don’t lie. Its true.

Ask why do I self Sabotage?

What can I do every day to combat Self Sabotage?

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