• Robert Lee Barber

Remember Your Business and Life

Was having this great discussion last night about kids, schools, churches, business and a friend of mine says “remember these are made up of people”.-Dave Veit

So context, the discussion started with discussion about our kids and then moved to schools, churches and business. We were ask ally doing a benefit analysis of each and discussing changes over time since we had been in DC for 2 days consuming history.

This post won’t be long, the idea I want to get across is that we always remember every challenge or opportunity comes down to people. It’s great to study Econ and strategy and finance, however put just as much emphasis as understanding the human.

How have you audited yourself this year?

How are you auditing your teams and the people in your life. I always say show me the three people you spend the most time with and you are a direct average of them. The good and bad. Level up.

How long are you going to ignore how important people.

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