• Robert Lee Barber

Peter Pans Shadow

I think just about anyone reading this has either seen Peter Pan or read it or heard the story at some point in their life. The Disney version of the animated version, starts off with Peter Pan in search of something. What is it? Yep, his shadow. His shadow has gotten loose from him and he is back to Wendy’s room to find that dastardly sneaky shadow of his.

Sho why the retelling of this scene Rob? Well, I wanted everyone to picture their own shadow. We all have a shadow. A negative of ourselves almost. A darker side that when light is shown on us it shows up. And the brighter the light shinning on us the darker or more prominent the shadow becomes. And depending on the angle of the light the shadow can stretch for a long long length.

I use this as a metaphor, that we all have a shadow self to deal with, if we really want to break through to Power.Performance.Peace living. The process of dealing with your shadow self has three main points:

One, you will deal with some level of your shadow self for your entire life and it is a work in progress that will require patience.

Two, Your shadow self can spread on to anyone around you. Especially those closest to you. It has to be addressed.

Three, Everyone has a shadow self. There is NOT one. Not one, that doesn’t. There was only one perfect human who walked this earth and that is Jesus Christ. And I am already going to say it before some smart comment comes in…well Jesus had to have a shadow because he was human. It is a metaphor.

Having a shadow doesn’t make you a bad person or even remotely mean that you cannot address the shadow. The point of this is for you to recognize and begin to work on the things in your life that create that shadow self. So it gets dimmer and dimmer.

And if you are reading this saying, I don’t have a shadow self. Ask the three people closest to you to read this and ask them if you have a shadow at times that is cast upon others. Would love to hear your stories. So you know I love to end with “So What Now?”

Take a self audit. Can be ours or anyone else or one you find online for free?Write down the the things your three closest mentors think make up shadow self?Compare the list and prioritize. Then go to work on dimming that shadow you can cast from time to time.

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