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Guard Rails Or No Guard Rails

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Never Too Late To Change Lanes

Have you ever been at the top of a roller coaster, getting ready to break the peak for the first drop. Then it might be too late to change lanes. But guess what you have tracks to guide you on the ride ahead.

This post was inspired by the thoughts of guard rails and guide rails like on a roller coaster. The ride in between the guard rails or on the track may be the scariest thing you ever done, but they are there to prevent you from making a terrible mistake.

Close your eyes for a moment and thing of a pint in time when you went outside the guardrails or off the track of your path. Most definitely I am going to make a call here that the results were not what you wanted.

When I mentor people, I like to start with guard rails. Why, because they are easy to understand. Guard rails don’t say the roads wont have ups and Dows, hair pin turns, a detour come along, or even the necessity to change lanes. Guard rails are the guiding principles of why you are taking a journey.

I liken this to my relationship with my wife. As long as we stay inside the guardrails of of marriage, we will be ok. Listen, relationships are not east and full of winding turns and ups and downs. But we always stay inside our guard rails that protect us and our marriage.

No different if you are a parent, you set guard rails everyday for you children. Those guard rails are their for their protection, not to stifle them. Now this is a critical point. Those guard rails are not their to stifle them. No parent or at least loving parent wants to stifle their child journey.

Most people see guard rails and recoil. “Oh you are trying to hold me back, or I need the freedom to explore and go. Yes, I agree, the freedom to grow is exactly what we all want. But guard rails are just bumpers to keep you on a path YOU want. However, now there is never a journey that is 100% straight ahead. There will be turns and some of them devastating if the guardrails were not in place.

What guard rails do you have for you journey?

When do you know you have deviated from the path you want to go?

Write down some of your guard rails and keep them in a place that will remind you.

For me…. My first Guard rail. How does this decision impact my relationship with God and my family. And second is this decision something that is going to lead to a long lasting relationship? Always think long game. Those two little guard rails have lead me to a super successful life and business.

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