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Hard Boiled Egg Or Soft Carrot

Are You and Egg or a Carrot

Have you ever boiled eggs and or boiled carrots? This was a teaching I picked up early in my life. Had a mentor ask me, Are you an egg or carrot. Right in the middle of me spilling my guts about a difficult set of circumstances. I was taken back by the question. Who asks that?

Why does it matter if I am a boiled egg or boiled carrot. Now that many years have gone by I have learned this principle as it is not original, but super powerful. I will take powerful and impact over original all day.

So back to the egg and carrot boil. What happens when you boil and egg? What happens when boil a c carrot?

Same conditions with two different outcomes. What are you willing to be made of is the analogy. A carrot and egg cannot change how they rect to the boiling water but there are two different out comes. The egg becomes hard and the carrot becomes soft. Same circumstances two different outcomes.

The purpose of this illustration for me is different then my mentor pro resented now that I am further along in my journey and I want to share with you. This is a simple analogy, if you don’t look at the outcome. Instead look at what is ahead of you and what do you need to be to get the outcome you want.

Another way to think about it, a river has a lot of drownings along the 5 mile mile route down the river. So they place a rescue station at the end of the river. Everyone is looking at the outcome.

How about putting a lesson and swimming requirement at the beginning of river journey?

This teaching is to help you think what is the situation I am going into? And What do I need to be to get the outcome I want. Maybe you want to be a nice juicy soft carrot or a hard boiled egg. It isa critical to look more at the beginning of YOU in any situation as that will determine your outcome.

Teaching Moments

What do I want to achieve out of every encounter?

What can I do to not be worrying about outcome vs be what I need to be upfront. Brand.

What is the situation I am getting into as that impacts what I need to be.

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