• Robert Lee Barber

Grass Is Always Greener?

Sitting at 40,000 ft next to a friend and as most flights go with friends you begin to talk. Now I am sure some of you are wondering if I got the exit row with my friend? Because we all know that the best seat on any plane. We are on our way back from a trip

We are talking life, spiritual things, family, the trip, kids in general, culture, etc… We fall into this super cool conversation about the topic of “the grass is greener”. The topic came up because we were talking about jobs and careers and what it was like for us in the past and what it may be in the future. The traditional thought is that when people say , oh he or she left because o the grass looks greener on the other side, or he or she left a relationship because the grass looks greener on the other side. Now I am not going to jump into the relationship side of this discussion, because I think commitment to long term personal relationships is a character builder.

When it comes to just about anything else what is wrong with looking over the fence and seeing the grass and saying to yourself it does look greener. Maybe I should try that venture or new job or start that business because I want to be my own boss.

At the end our discussion I came to a simple truth. I think we should try as many things in our life as we can. I just don’t think our life was meant to have only one our two chapters. I think our life should be novels and novels of adventures we tried. Fell 100 and got up 101, because that grass was still greener. Now is ever tolerant to the same risk. That is your decision. But ask the question at least. What is next for me. That grass does look greener being my own boss, or trying that new job, or getting that certification, starting that blog, traveling, etc..

You want to now the secret to knowing how and when to take that risk? You have the whisper in your heart that dos not go away, you have seemed wise counsel from at least three people you are not related to, but pour into your life, make the choice go go ALL IN (just like an airplane it can turn around, but it cannot fly backwards as my Pastor Tim Whipple always says.)

What is holding you back from growing or taking that leap over the fence? If you really want too.How many chapters or even better yet volumes do you want to be able to write about your life?Are you All in?

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