• Robert Lee Barber

Go The Extra Mile

When you are ready to throw it all in, keep going because you are just about there. I have always believed because I have lived it.

I have had the luxury to work as an executive in a Fortune 150 company and In the “Buck Stops Here” role as a business owner. IN both environments a huge key to success was going the extra mile. Because 99% of you wont. Yes, I said you. I can sit here and preach till I am blue in the face and most everyone reading this will just do the bare minimum. Story if you are offended. Send me a note or hate mail and tell me I am wrong.

When is the last time, you were handed an assignment or given an opportunity as a business owner and went the extra mile? For example, when I close on a house for my clients I spend time figuring out what they love and try to give them something at closing that makes that moment that much more special. Or even give up money on a deal to make it work, because I am always looking long game not short gain. Thats another teaching all together.

How good does it feel when someone goes that extra mile for you, but we find it so hard to go the extra mile for others. If I told you seriously that you could be in the 1% that consistently go the extra mile, would that cause you to consider it more. Well, that is a truth. Think about your encounters everyday. No extra miles. Actually people are trying to move on to the next person faster and faster than allowing space to make an impact that will last.

As you grow a business or compete in a scaled work environment or small shop. The extra mile is always noticed. Whether someone says something or not, it is noticed.

Challenge you this week to go the extra mile for 3 situations, assignments or people.

2. Do you realize that the extra mile almost alway costs you nothing than a little extra time. If you have already run 26.5 miles what is 1 more mile. As an analogy.

3. Also go the extra mile this week for those loved ones in your life. Another sad truth is we often put those we love the most on the back burner to everything else in our life.

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