• Robert Lee Barber

Get Wild

Second guessing, Warn out, up from down, not sure of anything, just punch the time clock, check out, give in and not fight back that is holding me back from what I want. Its time to get WILD. Not the way you think.

Comment below when you have felt you have had it all together and and guess what you didn’t. No matter how hard you are trying you are not getting the results you want or have in your mind.

You are not where you were. You have moved and journeyed, yes. Now it is time to get WILD.

Time to define a NEW WILD.


This is the most foundational key change for me in my life over the last few years. See I also struggle from clinical anxiety. Over the 48 years of life I have had deep battles with it. It is a season where I am absolutely broken down, humbled, ego squashed and it takes all I can muster and those around me to, especially my relationship with my creator to overcome it. I do come out the other side each time a more refined person. I couldn’t even list here all the ways I have have been refined.

This last bout with anxiety came on in 2018 April and has lasted until today. Its almost a year of refining. That is my term for it now. Anxiety for me is a function of trying to control everything and failing at almost all of it. The process of trying to control everything in my life causes stress, I work about every possible out come no matter how irrational and it ends up wearing me down.

Through my faith, clinically and medically I have been able to weather the last two tough long seasons that came along at age 25 and 35. This time it was different. I had to get wild to help recover and rebuild.

So what do I mean “get wild”, I took a practice from Jesus. After each major encounter, sermon, miracle working, teaching in the Bible, Jesus would venture off into the wilderness on his own. Just Him solo. There he would refuel and recharge. Spend time with His Father God.

So that is what I started doing. Wilderness can come in many forms for people. For me wilderness was getting out of my head and writing. Authored first book, on a second, this blog, blogging even. And also jumping into a mens group that I love. And yes tunes and teachings at night before bed. My wilderness may seem like I took on more, but what in fact I did was gave me more peaceful things to focus on. Getting out of my head was my ‘getting wild”.

Disclaimer, I am not a trained physician or therapist or expert in anxiety disorders. Everyone is different and if you are struggling. I highly recommend that you seek professional help. Immediately.

Dont be afraid to ask for help. Are you?What are some of the things that are you “wilderness” to bring peace?Can you be strong enough to open up to people an share your story. It has the chance to change the world. Do you believe in stigmas or strengtheners?

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