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So I walk into the number one Mercedes dealership in Pinellas County, where I live. It is one fo the top dealerships world wide. Carries more AMG products on the showroom than most. I am there today to drop off one of our cars as the lease has come to an end. As I am waiting I am greeted by a lates 20 something, extremely polished salesperson. We will call him Joe, to protect the innocent.

He greets me and asks how he may be of service, I explain why I am there and he proceeds to help me. It takes some time t inspect the vehicle so as sa good salespersons he begins to build rap-our with me by asking about me. Not the car or even how I enjoyed the car. He wanted to know more about me. I immediately see he is on his game. Nicely don “Joe”.

I in return ask him about him. He uses that as a chance to turn the conversation to the cars and that he has been working with customers on finding their right vehicle now for three months at the dealership. I was like great. He goes on to tell me that he has been the top sales person since he started. Nice. I congratulated and we small talked a bit more as he found out I had already found another vehicle to get into.

As I was sitting there waiting to wrap up paperwork. I said to myself. One This is a chance for me to maybe help him grow his business more for nothing in return other than positive into the world and Joe’s life.

Now here is where it got really good. I am dealing with a relatively young, hustling, polish salesperson in an affluent market place and product. He has the latest phone, so I walk over to him and ask him, hey how do you leverage video in your business? I sell high end product as well and wanted to see if I could pick your brain. Wait for it.

He says HE DOES NOT. I was floored.

I am standing in the middle of one of the top dealerships, let alone businesses in Pinellas as they carry many luxury brands besides Mercedes. And I say to myself, how can this be. A product that is designed perfectly for video and no tools are given to the sales team, nor does this bright young man know of any tools other than you tube. He doesn’t even leverage social much.

Well, I say my friend, let me help increase your business. Get to know BOMB BOMB. Thats the freebie….

If you would like to know more about how to leverage video daily to drive more business. Connect with me.

Ask yourself why are you afraid of video?

2. You already know video kills all other marketing and branding, so what are your obstacles?

3. Do you want to work on a plan that works for you?

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