• Robert Lee Barber

Freedom Starts In Your Head

Are you truly free? I am in DC this weekend chaperoning my daughters 8th grade class and everywhere is Freedom. This overwhelming sense of all the sacrifice for that freedom. And the thought popped in my head. How free am I? Am I living the life that the sacrifices from all the wars and decisions and people that came before me deserve?

This post is not one of judgement. It is more of a desire to raise curiosity in you. Are you living the life that is really deserved of the sacrifices for our freedom. Some many of us are loaded with debt, jobs we don’t like, relationships that are toxic and we continue to choose that as our life. It’s not the freedom I bet you are looking for. And it’s not money that will give you the true freedom these sacrifices fought for. The freedom inside to live the life you choose, pursue it, go after it, sacrifice for it.

Then of course I begin to think about Christ and His sacrifice. I know for sure I am not loving a life worthy of His sacrifice. I know it.

Do you feel free?What is holding you back? And what can you do about it?Is freedom for you just and idea or a pursuit. Freedom financially, relationships, job, lifestyle, etc.

This statue is the replica of the Freedom statue on top of our US Capital.

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