• Robert Lee Barber

Comfort Leads To

This topic covers the spectrum of Power.Performance.Peace.

The cover pic for this teaching shows a gentleman sitting on a comfy couch, probably enjoying his favorite snack, and maybe even watching his favorite show. I dont’ know maybe Family Feud. That happens to be my wife’s favorite show. If I was to ask you what do you see when you look at that picture are you drawn to the comfort it exudes or does it repel you in that time is wasting away for this person?

This is a critical question to come to grips with as an entrepreneur, business owner, accelerator in your company or on your team.

Comfort can been seen as a predetermined attribute to failure or one of peace and joy. That is a stark contrast, wouldn’t’t you say? For example, if you are a spartan warrior, they lived a life of constant hardship and toil. These are the things that made them the warriors they needed to be to be the best in what they did. In contrast, that same spartan warrior would say the guy on the couch is lazy.

But for the guy on the couch he is perfectly content with his lifestyle and choices. They have provided him peace, a level of lifestyle he enjoys as well as his friends. Now if the guy on the couch complained about his life and maintained one of strictly comfort, he is destined to never reach his goals.

What I mean by that is Comfort can lead to failure if your goals don’t match your willingness to get uncomfortable by taking risks, working, hard, struggling, failing time to time, not caring what others say or think. At the same time if your comfort level matches your goals than kiddos to you.

Important questions to ask yourself:

Am I willing to adjust my level of comfort to match my goals?

2. How much are other peoples opinions about what a comfortable life means impacting my decision making about my life?

3. What is your threshold for discomfort?

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