• Robert Lee Barber

Change Is Going To Come

This is one of my favorite subjects. When has been the last time. You stopped and looked around. The world and your world is changing. We just choose to look at it in slow motion. Change is a word that cause people to fear like a knife being pulled on them in a dark alley. Change is not to be feared. It is to be expected.

If you were the same as you were when you were born today, then what? You have changed. Your tastes, your likes, physical, etc…. One of my most favorite songs is buy Sam Cooke. I remember lists Ning to it when I was little. My mother loved R&B. Our family had deep soul filled music on all the time. Music that moves you. And Change will move you.

You can accept change is in you day or not. But a change is going to come as the lyrics say. What I love is that the lyrics of the artists say “brother help me”, but in the end it comes back you. “There were times I didn’t think I could make it, you can carry on”.

I used to struggle with change and then was schooled in the story of Job from the Old Testament. Job was faced with absolute change in his and his family life with destruction, devastation and plague. When we read this story in the Bible it seems like forever Job is suffering massive change. When you choose to dig into the details, Job suffered a massive change for 9 months, but then celebrated a great life from that change for 140 years.

Change will happen tomorrow. I will bet you on it. Get ready for it. Prepare for it. Embrace it. Get in its’s face. Ask for the changes to come. “oh yes it will” in Sam Cooke’s words. Tomorrow will bring change. Expect it.

Soul filled moments:

What do you want to change?

2. This song and time in our country speaks volume to expect change and don’t lose faith. Find your tribe to ride the changes.

3. You can last longer than you think.

4. How much would it suck if you didn’t change. BORING! And not worth the journey.

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