• Robert Lee Barber


Everyone has it all backwards. You have to grow “YOU” before you can grow your business. Or at least be growing “YOU” along the way.

I use this quick easy acronym for what does it take to GROW.

G Get Your Why

R Resolve its Time

O Outward is Better than Inward

W Will You Next?, Ask yourself

Get your Why. You have to know what you are wanting to take on risk, or an adventure, build a business, go after that promotion.If you don’t have your why nailed down. You will lose your way when the difficulties come. I quote it right up front on the home page. “You are either in a storm, coming out of a storm or getting ready to go in one”-Tim Whipple. There is probably no more true description of life than that. If you don’t have you why grounded when the storms come, you will become rudderless and lose course. Bet on it.

2. Resolve its time. Act is Better than planning. Now don’t misread me. Is planning essential. Yes. Planning for 5 years is NOT. 90 day plans are just fine. You can knock out a 90 day plan in an hour and begin acting on it the next day. Tell yourself it is time. Stop listening to all the noise around you that you may need more time. This is not for you. It will be too hard. No one very succeeded in that, etc.

3. Outward is better than inward. You have to get your ideas and story out there. Your brand out there. Stop living in your head and on paper. We live in a time where anyone with an idea can express it. Now should they all. That is questionable. Just a joke. For the first time in history a single person start up can disrupt an entire global corporation overnight with the new state of the internet. Social. And to top it off with almost no money. Stop living inward and begin living outward.

4. Will you next? Your best is next. Will you take the step. It is time to be next. Start now.


What is holding you back from your best and next? Get rid of it.

2. If you ned help finding your why, that is ok. Seek counsel of mentors and people who will speak into your life. Dig out your true why. And your why can change.

3. What will it take for you to begin telling your story and living outward instead of inward. Are you afraid. Afraid of what. Remember Fear is a Liar. Just a feeling.

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